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Winter Solstice and Winter Home Decor Tour

A recap on how I spent my winter solstice. PLUS a winter home decor tour!


Happy Yule and winter solstice! Yesterday was the darkest day of the year before the sun returns to lengthen the days with light. 

I wanted to share with you all how I spent my winter solstice and show you my simple winter home decor.

I started my midwinter morning with some yoga and coffee. 

Then I cleaned up the house a bit and did some cedar smudging. 

I wanted to do something simple for the evening, so Kevin and I made dinner together. We had apricot cornish hens, candied yams and apple gorgonzola salad. For dessert, I made cranberry bliss bars. 

After dinner, we lit up the yule log that I created. I found a nice chunk of oak in the woodpile at my family camp and decorated it with fresh cedar greens. I opted for battery candles instead of real candles for safety reasons. 

Winter Solstice and Winter Home Decor Tour

Kevin was tired and went to bed but I stayed up to enjoy the darkness.

I made a cup of lavender chamomile tea, lit my candles and turned out the lights. I sat on my couch for a few hours doing some self-reflection. I also did a simple bay leaf ritual where I wrote down two things I wanted for the new year and then burned them in my little cauldron.

Winter Solstice and Winter Home Decor Tour

This morning I gave Kevin his Yule gifts ( I picked out my own gifts because Kevin is terrible at shopping. I got him a metal detector. He has been interested in metal detecting for a while. Especially because he is a big fan of the show The Curse of Oak Island and always wants to go hunt for treasure. 

I can’t wait to get a chance to use it in the field and see what we find!


For the seasonal occasion, I also wanted to share my winter home decor with you all. 

Winter Solstice and Winter Home Decor Tour

As with the Yule tradition my decoration inspiration is bringing nature in. I do this by accenting our apartment with pinecones, artificial pine, and berries.

Winter Solstice and Winter Home Decor Tour

I also add lots of candles for that warm and cozy hygge vibe! 

I always make sure my candle and wax melt scents match the season. This year I bought three winter candles from Magnolia Home at Target. All three smell amazing! 

Winter Solstice and Winter Home Decor Tour
Winter Solstice and Winter Home Decor Tour

Typically, I keep the winter decorations up through the beginning of February or sooner if I get tired of looking at them. 

We don’t have room to set up a Yule tree so I bought a festive Island Pine at Home Depot as a replacement.

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