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The Top 10 Popular Fashion Trends That I Hate

The Top 10 Popular Fashion Trends That I Hate

Today I am dishing out a slam session on the top 10 popular fashion trends I hate. 

Of course, this is just my personal opinion and by no means meant to be offensive. 

I am well aware of how widely popular these fashion trends are and if you love them then you do you. 

I am in no way an expert in fashion and just wanted to share some of my pet peeves with everyone for fun.

So here it is…my list of most hated popular fashion trends.

Leggings as Pants

The Top 10 Popular Fashion Trends That I Hate

Okay, this is my #1 BIGGEST FASHION PET PEEVE!

To be honest, I’ve hated leggings as pants since the trend reappeared in the early 2000s. 

I think outside of the gym or other physical activities leggings just look…tacky and inelegant.

The only way I can see leggings as somewhat acceptable is if you are wearing them under a dress or long tunic and your butt isn’t exposed.

Athleisure Wear

Not only do I hate leggings as pants, but I really hate the full athleisure uniform when you are not going to the gym, hiking or yoga class. 

Sure it may be comfortable but I don’t see it as fashionable or classy.

Ugg Boots

The Top 10 Popular Fashion Trends That I Hate

Ugg boots have been around since I was in college and I am truly shocked that they are still popular.

 They are just downright ugly. 

I also can’t see how they can function as a proper snow boot with minimal tread on the soles and not being waterproof.

Designer Dupes

The Top 10 Popular Fashion Trends That I Hate

Is it me or have designer dupes really become a huge trend on social media from influencers? Either way, intentionally buying fake designer is just tacky.

I also don’t understand why fashion is so focused on wearing a label. Fashion is far more than a label.

One thing I continue to ask myself on this subject: Are people buying these to make themselves look like they have more money than they actually do? 

Walmart Hauls

Ahh, the Walmart haul.

This has also become an Instagram influencer trend.

First off let me start by saying I try really really hard to not shop or go to Walmart. 

Walmart is pretty gross. 

Most things are not a bargain at all and are of poor quality. 

There’s also a very unique type of people that shop at Walmart regularly if you get my drift. 

^*EDIT*^ It has come to my attention that the above sentence may be misunderstood as me referring to poor or low-income people who shop at Walmart. This is not what I was referring to when I wrote this. What I meant, is that oddballs/ strange people shop at Walmart. I say this because I have seen many people do weird/strange things inside of this store. Again, this is not meant to be offensive, but I wanted to make it clear I am not referring to low-income people.

Secondly, I am trying to get away from fast fashion and trying to purchase items second hand or from more ethical companies.

Therefore, Walmart is definitely off-limits when it comes to that.

Overall I find it hard to believe you can get quality pieces that will last and fit well from a place known for cheap and poorly made goods.

Super Wide Brim Hats

The Top 10 Popular Fashion Trends That I Hate

Super wide brim hats make you look Puritan and I am not here for it.

Can you see the Puritan resemblance?

80s/90s Baggy/Oversized Streetwear

This trend screams frumpy.

Bigger is not always better and baggy clothes don’t flatter anyone’s figure.

Plus, those crazy bright colors and patterns make my eyes and head hurt. 

Heavy Makeup/Contouring/Brow Filling

Not a fashion trend, but makeup is a huge game-changer in one’s overall aesthetics. 

The cake face, the nose contour, the highlighting, the crazy painted on eyebrows, the orange foundation face…all of it just needs to STOP

I cannot imagine how many hours of one’s life are wasted on putting a full face of makeup.

Or the amounts of money on makeup, but to each their own.

And how could all of that makeup and chemicals on there not be harming your skin?

Personally, I prefer natural and light makeup if any at all.

Dad Sneakers

Not a fan of these big, chunky sneakers with literally every outfit from formal to casual.

I think dad sneakers are ugly, but I will take a classic pair of chucks or Vans anytime. 

Bike Shorts As Pants

Going along with the athleisure wear and leggings trend, but the bike short trend I just cannot comprehend. 

I’ve seen bike shorts paired a lot with classic blazers and cannot get over how ridiculous it looks. 

I have a feeling we have the Kardashians to thank for this one. 

Final Thoughts on the Top 10 Worst Fashion Trends

That wraps up my top 10 most popular fashion trends that I hate.

As much as I detest some of these trends, I believe some of them are here to stay in 2020 and there’s no way I can escape them.

Let me know if you agree or disagree in the comment section below.

And if there are any popular fashion trends you hate that didn’t make it onto this list!

As always, thanks for reading!



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  • Reply Jane

    All the tops this year are short! If you have a long torso or are tall, your stomach is showing! Which quite frankly only a Very small percentage should ever do!

    January 23, 2020 at 10:30 am
    • Reply Rachel

      Yes!! I noticed this happening in 2018 too! I don’t want my stomach hanging out. I definitely don’t have the body for that anymore lol.

      January 23, 2020 at 10:53 am
  • Reply Simone

    I absolutely hate the legging as pants trend and the dad shoes! I can’t believe these are fashion trends, to be honest.

    xoxo Simone |

    February 19, 2020 at 2:26 pm
  • Reply Loops

    Haha I hate those hiking sandals with velcro I don’t know why but they make me cringe. But I also just hate feet lol so maybe that has something to do with it. The Fila one had me laughing out loud…not sure if you have seen that meme with the girl with the ginormous Filas 😀 Just google “Filas shoes meme” and go to the images

    February 9, 2021 at 12:45 am
  • Reply Kaye

    You sound like a complete and utter cunt. I was with you until the “a certain type of person shops at Walmart” bit. It’s fine to hate on fashion trends, but to hate actual people for being people? And you shop at “more ethical” places, but you’re here hating on poor people. Grow up, you privileged child.

    March 1, 2021 at 12:25 am
    • Reply Rachel

      Hi Kaye, thank you for your harsh honesty. To clarify, the certain people I was referring to are people that are strange. I’ve seen a lot of people do odd/weird things at Walmart many times. I understand that this may still be offensive. I want to make very clear I wasn’t referring to poor people or people of a certain income level. I personally have bought items at Walmart years in the past and my boyfriend buys his works clothes there. I also have been poor in the past and could barely afford food, so this is not a jab at income level. I am sorry you took this the wrong way and now realize that others may do so. Because of this I am going to post an edit on this post clarifying what I mean. Thank you again for bringing this to my attention.

      March 1, 2021 at 7:46 am

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