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Fall 2019 Fashion Essentials

My Must-Haves for this Fall

It’s that time of the year where brands have launched their fall items and this year’s trends are hitting the stores and the web. I rounded up a few fall items that I absolutely want to buy this fall. Some of these are staples and some of them are trends.

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Over the Knee Suede Boots

That’s right I still do not own a pair of these although they have been a staple for many for years! This year I’m going to change that. I have extra-wide calves so I have a hard time finding boots that fit. I plan on checking out Torrid as they sell extra wide calf boots. 

Trench Coat

Another staple item! I’ve wanted a trench coat for a long time but I never bought one because to me a trench coat is an investment piece. In order for me to get a good quality coat, I have a budget of $125 and plan to check out Banana Republic and Nordstrom Rack. 

Leopard Booties

Animal print is really hot right now and it’s actually a comeback. I remember in college leopard and zebra print were a thing and then it faded away. Now it’s back again and I am hoping to update my closet with some leopard print booties.

Wide Leg Jeans/Pants

I avoided the wide leg pant craze all summer because I was afraid it wouldn’t fit well with my body type. However, after consistently seeing so many different body shapes wearing these I figured I would give it a shot. 

Button Up Shirts

Again another staple item I do not own. I have stayed clear of button-up collared shirts because they always seemed boring and too business casual for me. Thanks to the rise of fashion on social media I have been inspired by so many unique ways to style these shirts and can’t wait to try it out

That is my top five for this season! Of course, I will keep everyone updated when I find my essentials and share with you where I purchased them. Let me know in the comments below what you fall essentials are for this year?

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