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Blog Update: Why I Haven’t Been Posting

In light of the events that have been going on over the world within the last few months, I haven’t felt the motivation or energy to put into blogging. Not because my life is in a bad place. On the contrary, I am doing great! But I have felt like the world is so caught up in the other events that it seems pointless to blog as normal.

I am also tired of constantly hearing about the events so I have avoided the internet as much as possible since this all started. I could go into more detail but for now, I won’t.

I also have been very busy and adjusting to my new life. I now work from home full time permanently and so all of the systems and routines I had in place are still being adjusted.

I also have changed since I started this blog and have a different perspective. I would like to bring these changes to my blog whenever I feel like its time to start blogging again.

So for now, I have some ideas and some posts I would like to write but not ready to jump back in yet. Just be aware that at some point I will be back with fresh ideas.

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