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August 2021 Monthly Favorites

August 2021 Monthly Favorites

Hello and welcome to the August 2021 monthly favorites! 

Although it is still incredibly hot and humid here in Pittsburgh, summer is coming to an end.

I am looking forward to cooler weather and of course, I am ecstatic for the spooky season!

This past month I tried to fit in all the summer activities I didn’t get to do yet this year.

Alas, I wasn’t able to fit in mini-golf or a trip to the forest but I can try for that in September.

Keep reading to discover my August 2021 monthly favorites. Click here to read the monthly favorites archive.

Movies/ TV Shows:

The Tudors – This is one of my all-time favorite shows and the show that got me into Tudor and English history in the first place!

I was feeling the urge for some good old Henry VIII and started watching the series for possibly the 10th time through. I’ve watched it too many times to count.

Wolf Hall – Another rewatch! Clearly, I was in the mood for Tudor England this month between my show and book choices.

I had previously watched Wolf Hall before but decided to give it another try and enjoyed it much more the second time.


Anne Boleyn: 500 Years of Lies by Hayley Nolan – Continuing on with my month of Tudor England I decided to read a book on Anne Boleyn. This book came out a few years ago and has been on my to be read for a while.

It was defiantly not what I expected from a history book.

Nolan wrote her book in an expose style which I found really refreshing compared to other history books that can lull you to sleep. I specifically enjoyed her frequent use of British slang.


Peach Panzanella Salad

Cinnamon in Coffee – I started putting cinnamon in my coffee to get some of the health benefits from the spice and found it was the perfect pre pumpkin spice drink

La Prima Coffee – La Prima has been a Pittsburgh coffee staple for a long time but I just recently decided to give them a try and am so glad I did because their coffee is fantastic!

End of Summer Peaches – We have been getting peaches in our CSA and they have been so juicy, delicious, and full of flavor! I like adding them to salads and just eating them plain with a good slice of cheese!

Ginger Cookie and Red Velvet Cake

Summer Activities:

County Fair – At the beginning of the month my boyfriend and our friend Matt went to the Washington County fair. We walked through the barns looking at all the show animals the locals brought and watched some of the demolition derby. It was a nice way to spend a cool summer evening.

Getting Ice Cream – I’ve been living in Pittsburgh for 13 years now and just now found the best ice cream! We went to Antneys which has homemade ice cream with flavors that rotate daily. Hands down some of the best ice cream I have ever had in my life!

Going for Walks – This has been an incredibly hot and humid summer which has made it very unpleasant to go outside. Recently it’s been getting cooler in the evenings so the boyfriend and I have been able to get back to our evening walks.

Thanks for Reading My August 2021 Monthly Favorites!

If you enjoyed this post don’t forget to check out the monthly favorites archive. Make sure to check back next month for my September favorites!

Until next time,


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